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Revitalize your home and kitchen with exquisite hand-crafted custom cabinetry. At Alluros Custom Cabinets our extensive background in custom cabinet design, building, and the onsite installation set us apart as one of the leading providers in Peoria. Our portfolio includes many custom cabinet installations, from 85301 to 85383, optimizing their storage space, reducing clutter, and transforming their house into stylish living spaces. Our work ranges from made-to-order cabinets for your kitchen, bookcases, media center, shelving and more. Our loyal customers have dreams of an elegant home restoration, and the staff at Alluros Custom Cabinets strive to transform their dreams into their real-life home!

Cabinets have large profiles and are mounted along the line of site, so it’s important that they look great. Remodeling your home is a large investment, and it is an important step to choose the right kind of cabinet. We are committed to providing elegant and space saving cabinets in Peoria that are customized to your specifications. From inset doors to custom media centers, everything is fabricated in house from the finest woods and hardware. These smaller details pave the way for a more elegant, modern, and polished look.

Reach out today and we can start designing the custom cabinets of your dreams. Tell us exactly what you are envisioning for your cabinets, and we can guide you through our entire process.

Custom Cabinet Services

  • Custom Kitchen Cabinets
  • Entertainment and Media Centers
  • Custom Bathroom Vanities
  • Bookcases
  • Countertops
  • Bathroom Cabinets

More Information

Information about Our Services

Understanding Our Process

A. Start the Plans and Furnish the first Estimate

The first step is speaking to an experienced contractor at Alluros Custom Cabinets about what you want from your custom cabinetry. A great place to begin, is to send over the measurements of your rooms, either through architectural blueprints or sketches. After we learn the extent of work required we can provide you the first cost estimate. These initial efforts will help us visualize the project and curate a better look.

B. Consultation & Design Details

Then we proceed to create the design, by collaborating with you to make sure we have an accurate understanding of your intentions. You can give us your input and feedback through email and phone, and exact measurements will be obtained onsite. At this time we can confirm the final plans, nail down an approximate end date for the project, and we will know the materials we need. We also give you a more realistic cost estimate.

C. Final Drawings and Down Payment

At this time Alluros Custom Cabinets provides you a precise payment schedule, based on the finalized designs. The payment process is scheduled to coordinate with the remaining steps the production of the cabinetry, and the on-site installation.

Once you have accepted the final draft of the plans and pay the initial deposit, the building begins! The final drawings will be furnished to you, with all the materials and measurements. We absolutely want to understand the requirements before we start building, as changes at this point can add much more time to the delivery of the project. When receive your final go ahead the fabrication phase will begin.

D. Installation and Fabrication

This is the final and most exciting step. We will fabricate all the custom cabinetry and bespoke furniture here at our facilities. Once your cabinets are built, we will move the cabinets to your property for the onsite installation. The final invoice will be sent after the completion of the installation, and the whole process usually takes from 3 to 9 weeks. How long your specific project will take really depends on your specifications, the number of cabinets, the detailing, woods you select, and labor time.


We're Here To Answer Your Questions

Reach out today to speak with a cabinetry expert, or if you want to setup an appointment to get a quote on your next project.

Custom Media Centers

Here at Alluros Custom Cabinets we are specialist in custom cabinets, but we also produce other bespoke furniture such as custom media centers, aka custom entertainment centers. Custom entertainment centers can conceal wiring, remote controls, and media equipment, to give your living space an uncluttered and relaxing environment. Imagine being able to store away all the various equipment you have, and in its place is an elegant piece of customized furniture, which elevates the overall quality of life in your living room.

Most mass produced media centers are manufactured out of particle board, and definitely do not have specific compartments to store your specific equipment. We build your custom media center from a prime wood such as birch or ash, and your entertainment center will be much more durable, as well as look great. Having an endless mess of cables in the middle of your family room can be distracting, so we can specifically build compartments and wiring access holes in the cabinets to conceal them.

High Quality Cabinet Hard Woods

There are many different cabinet woods you can select, and this will alter the look and characteristics of your cabinet. There is an abundance of choice for cabinet woods, and here we will discuss some common types.

Alder wood generally has light brown color, and the grain markings tend to have lighter red undertones. Alder wood require more care, as it needs specific finishing techniques and is not as hardy as a maple cabinet for instance, but is a must have for people going for a rustic feel.

Maple wood cabinets can handle different types of stains, making it versatile and is very resistant to damage. The exterior of maple is highly uniform, with subdued grain markings.

Birch wood is an excellent selection if you want to get a specific color for your cabinets, as the material is perfect for painting or many different types of finishes. Birchwood has different colored heartwood and sapwood, although this difference is not as significant as hickory wood.

Oak kitchen cabinets are extraordinarily strong, are generally less expensive than oak or maple, and is one of the all-time favorites for customers. It has amazing grain markings that are loved by many homeowners, and the wood does not soak in water, as it runs right off the surface.

Hickory wood has a large contrast in colors between the heartwood and the sapwood, and this is great for design aspects. The wood has a creamy pale-yellow appearance and can be stained. It tends to have extreme variations in it’s grain patterns, and is prized for it’s natural rustic look.

Cherry wood comes the wild black cherry tree and has been used often in styles such as Mission and Shaker. Natural cherry wood cabinets have a red tinge and can also run the spectrum from white to brown. Cherry woods have an exceptionally smooth surface and has a lot of variation in its marking. Cherry woods look great and are easy to finish, with a very pretty reddish-brown color and smooth finish.

This is just the beginning when it comes to the world of wood cabinets, give us a ring at Alluros Custom Cabinets today, and we can you decide which would fit your cabinets best.

Custom Cabinets in Pomona, CA

If you are located in Pomona, CA then send a line our partners Kirks Custom Cabinets in Pomona. They offer world class cabinetry services, and are world class custom cabinet makers. Whether you’re looking for new cabinets, a custom entertainment unit, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodeling, office cabinetry, kitchen cabinets they will always deliver. Just like us, they furnish the top of the line quality custom cabinet service, and will always do a great job on any remodeling project. With years of experience under their belt, they’re ready to work together with you to help build your dream home. Whether your located in Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, or in or near the San Gabrieal Valley area, give them a call today.


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